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Basic Mulch

This mulch looks good, works great, and saves you money!

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Triple Shred Hardwood Bark

Made from 100% aged tree bark that is triple shredded.

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Triple Shred Pine Bark

Lightweight, soft pine bark that has been triple shredded.

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Designer Black Dyed Mulch

Deep, dark color to add bold styling to your landscape and planting beds.

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Designer Walnut Dyed Mulch

Complimentary walnut brown color to add natural style your landscape.

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Designer Red Dyed Mulch

Beautiful rich red color that will add vibrant color to your landscape.

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Designer Brown Dyed Mulch

Warm brown tones that will add natural color to your landscape and planting beds.

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Large Pine Bark Nuggets

Lightweight mulch comprised of large, unmilled pine bark pieces.

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Mini Pine Bark Nuggets

Lightweight mulch comprised of small, unmilled pine bark pieces.

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Leaf Mulch (City of Raleigh)

Great, low-cost coverage that improves the quality of your soil.

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Cypress Playground Chips

Great for under swings, slides, playhouses and on walking & fitness trails.

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Double Shredded Hardwood

Nice and chunky hardwood that has been double shredded.

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Long lasting chips perfect for paths and dog paws.

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Screened Topsoil

Improved with 25% Leaf Mulch blended in for vital soil nutrients and conditioning.

Other Soil Products:

  • Certified Compost
  • Nicely Blended Garden Soil
  • Fill Dirt (Clay)




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ABC Crush & Run

Ideal for use as a driveway and / or patio paver base.

Other Quarry Products:

  • #467 Ssone
  • #5 Septic Stone
  • #57 Stone for French Drains & Driveways
  • #67 Stone
  • #78 Pea Stone / Gravel
  • #30 Dry Screenings
  • #44 Washed Screenings

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White Playground Sand

Finely gradated and clean play sand that is ideal for use in children's sand boxes.

Other Sand Products:

  • Course White Sand
  • Mortar Sand





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Rich Trahin

Wheelbarrow Installation

Wheelbarrow installation* of all our mulches and soils is available from our competent subcontractors. Just show us where you want it, and they will deliver it straight to your garden beds - all you have to do is enjoy the results!

All installations are performed by competent professional subcontractors who bill you seperately for their labor.

  • Mulch = $17 per cubic yard installed
  • Soil = $22 per cubic yard installed

*Minimum order of 10 yards of mulch or 6 yards of topsoil is required to qualify for installation services.